First Time Applicants or License Renewals

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First Time Applicants or License Renewals

Applying for or Renewing Your Healthcare Professional License in California

First Time Applicants

The lawyers at the Law Firm of Marvin Firestone, MD•JD, & Associates, LLP can help you apply for professional licensure in California. Your application can be denied by California’s licensing Boards for a variety of reasons, such as prior license discipline by a California licensing agency or an out of state agency, criminal convictions, failing to disclose criminal convictions, or failing to disclose any other relevant information.

It is critical that you provide accurate background disclosures in your license application. Hiring an experienced attorney can help ensure your application is complete and contains all necessary information. A well worded explanation for any adverse background information can mean the difference between obtaining your license and getting a denial letter. Providing false or misleading information in your application is grounds for the Board to deny your license. If you have something in your background that you are unsure of how best to explain, for example, a DUI, discipline in another state, or malpractice claim, it is never a good idea to leave these negative details out of your application. Full disclosure by way of a well-worded explanation is the best policy.

Our healthcare license attorneys have successfully helped many applicants obtain licensure with many of California’s state agencies, including but not limited to, the Medical Board of California and the Board of Registered Nursing. We have a high success rate in helping applicants obtain licensure, even with derogatory information in their background or dings on their record. Call us today for a free consultation.

License Renewals

The physician licenses and RN licenses in California must be renewed every two years. It is illegal to practice medicine with an expired license. There are two options for license renewal: by mail or online using the BreEZe Online Services. You are eligible to renew your license online if your license is in active or inactive status, your license expires within the next 180 days, and you have completed your Continuing Education requirements.

When renewing, you must disclose whether you have had any license (i.e. license, permits, registrations, certificates, etc.) disciplined by a government agency or other disciplinary body, or, have been convicted of any crime in any state. A conviction includes a plea of no contest and any conviction that has been set aside or deferred pursuant to Penal Code sections 1000 or 1203.4, including infractions, misdemeanor, and felonies. You do not need to report a conviction for an infraction with a fine of less than $300 unless the infraction involved alcohol or controlled substances.

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If you are considering applying or renewing your professional license, an experienced healthcare licensing attorney can provide you assistance to make sure you disclose the necessary information and provide the licensing Board the requirements you need to succeed.

Our Northern California healthcare license law firm has a combined 50 years experience helping clients like you. To schedule a FREE initial phone consultation, fill out our online form or call our law firm directly at (650) 212-4900 1-800-LAW-MDJD (1-800-529-6353).

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