Summary Suspension of Medical Staff Privileges

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Summary Suspension of Medical Staff Privileges

What to Know About Summary Suspensions

Under California law, a hospital can issue a summary suspension when a physician poses an immediate danger to the health and safety of patients. A summary suspension decision should be made by the chief of staff, chair or vice-chair of the member's clinical department, or medical executive committee. The medical executive committee (MEC) must meet as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after the summary suspension is imposed, to review and consider the summary suspension. In California, an 805 Report must be filed within 15 days after the imposition of a summary suspension of staff privileges, membership, or employment for a period longer than 14 days. An 805 report is the mechanism in which peer review bodies, most commonly found in hospitals, are required to report specific information regarding licensees to the Medical Board. After the MEC meets, it then promptly modifies, continues or terminates the summary suspension. The suspended physician must be invited to attend and make a statement concerning the issues under investigation, but this initial meeting is not the physician's fair hearing. If the summary suspension is upheld, the physician is then entitled to a full and fair peer review hearing on the matter before a hearing panel or judicial review committee. An experienced healthcare defense attorney can represent you at the peer review hearing to ensure the hearing panel or judicial review committee provide you a full and fair hearing to protect your rights.

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