License Reinstatements

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License Reinstatements

Petitions for Reinstatement to a California Professional Licensing Board

Experienced Healthcare Licensing Defense Lawyers Can Help

If you surrendered your professional license or your license was revoked, you have the right to petition your California licensing Board to have your license reinstated, subject to certain conditions. It is imperative that if you are seeking reinstatement of your professional license you should obtain experienced legal guidance from an experienced healthcare licensing defense attorney to help ensure that you put your best foot forward, prove “rehabilitation,” and improve your chances of convincing the Board that you are safe to practice and worthy of a second chance. 

What is the Petition for Reinstatement Process for Your California Licensing Board?

The process to petition your licensing board for reinstatement may differ depending on the specific California licensing Board. In general, the reinstatement application process requires a waiting period after the date of the revocation/surrender. You must prove you are safe to practice, usually before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), sometimes by presentation to the actual Board members.

Typically, you have the right to file a Petition for Reinstatement at least 3 years after the effective date that your license was surrendered or revoked. In some instances, the licensing Board may allow a licensee who surrendered his/her license to petition for reinstatement after 2 years by stipulation, or after 1 year if the surrender or revocation was due to a medical condition.

Proof of Rehabilitation Increases Chances of Regaining Your Professional License

It is crucial to develop a strong petition for your reinstatement application packet that highlights a track record of rehabilitation to have the best chance of regaining your professional license. Our experienced licensing defense attorneys can help you assemble the necessary documentation and present it in the best way possible. The applicant is usually required to submit letters of support by other licensees and other evidence of the applicant’s rehabilitative efforts taken since the revocation or surrender.  

After you submit your Petition for Reinstatement “packet,” an Administrative Hearing will usually be held before an ALJ to determine if your rehabilitation and mitigation evidence support that you are deserving of licensure and are eligible for reinstatement. Learn more about administrative hearings here (hyperlink to Administrative Hearings page)

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