License Denials

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License Denials

Health Care License Denials

Have you already applied for a California medical license and received a denial letter or Statement of Issues?  If so, it is crucial that license applicants obtain legal guidance to help develop a clear strategy on how best to respond to the Board’s rejection. 

The good news is that you have the right to appeal the Board’s initial denial and have a formal administrative hearing.  However, time is of the essence and you must preserve your appeal rights by timely returning your Notice of Defense within 60 days from the date of service of the Notice of Denial. If you do not file a timely appeal, your right to an administrative hearing will be waived and your application will summarily be denied. If you do not appeal, you can reapply again one year from the date you were notified of the denial.

FAQ: What is a statement of issues?

  • A: A Statement of Issues is a document the licensing Board will send to you which lists the reasons why they denied your application for licensure.

FAQ: What are common reasons for a license application to be denied?

  • A: The most common reasons applications for licensure with a California licensing Board may be denied include having a criminal record; prior criminal convictions or pending matters that you did not report on your application; out of state discipline by another state Board or Agency; and program or education deficiencies, including a medical degree from an institution not recognized by California's Board.

FAQ: If I have a professional license in another state, why would California deny my license application?

  • A: California licensing Boards are not bound by other state licensing agencies or their decisions to grant licensure. Each of California’s licensing Boards make an independent decision based on each applicant and their relevant materials. In some cases, if your out of state professional license was disciplined, California’s licensing Boards will want to impose similar discipline.

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